Ever since ‘Nomadic’ was born, we’ve been testing brands to find the best of the best for our customers.

And 6 years later, we can say with confidence that we have found them! All items on our website are from the brands that we’ve personally chosen with care because we know that they provide high-quality products every time.

Let us introduce you to our favorite brands…


Where it all began! These tents are what we used to develop our fleet of glamping rentals - which means that they have been well and truly tested with repetitive use through all four seasons. These tents are built to last! CanvasCamp quality means 100% Cotton, being the ONLY tent manufacturer to bear ‘The Seal of Cotton’. Cotton is a sustainable and renewable material, meaning that it’s good for the environment, and you’ll notice the difference compared to plastic-based tents!

Why do we choose CanvasCamp? Cotton provides the advantage of being breathable, allowing moisture particles to escape directly through the canvas. This prevents dampness and humidity from developing inside the tent, keeping it nice and dry inside. Cotton canvas still keeps rain out too though! Cotton fibers swell in the rain, preventing the droplets from passing through the canvas.

With CanvasCamp, you can be guaranteed quality products at affordable prices.


Our newest affiliate! Boy, are we excited to have these tents on board.

Their canvas is made from ‘duck army’ - 100% cotton canvas which has a higher thread count than regular Canvas, making it extra heavy-duty while still being smooth to the touch. Think of it like sheets - you know you’re getting the good stuff when you splash out on a higher thread count!

These guys back their tents, to the extent that they offer a lifetime guarantee. We also like supporting these guys because they are a new brand on the market - but that hasn’t held them back from making 5,000% growth year on year since they started in 2017! We reckon it must be for a reason! We are proud to be behind them.


Winnerwell is our go-to brand for all things hot tenting and camp cooking! Offering camping stoves (for inside and outside of the tent), flat-pack fire pits, and all the trimmings. Here in Taupo, winter camping can be a challenge… But not with these bad boys to keep you warm!

A hot Milo made without leaving the warmth of the tent? An ambient fire crackling away through the night? That’s a yes for ‘hot tenting’ from us! Thank you Winnerwell for making it possible.


These guys have allowed us to expand our range of products to include all things camping - from lighting to cutlery, to cooking accessories and outdoor knives. These beautifully crafted products are designed to be desired. Stylish and functional, they make the perfect gift for any outdoor enthusiast!

In Barebones' own words, they help "connect people to food, nature, and the primal pull of the fire."

There you have it, our favorite brands. Keep an eye out for more coming soon!